Gayle Stefanelli

 Gayle Stefanelli is an Experienced -Registered Yoga Teacher since 2002 – Pilates mat 1 and mat 2- (Pilates Institute of America) Cardiac and cancer yoga therapy (Yoga of the Heart).  She has been an exercise enthusiast for most of her life.

Gayle opened Stretch Yoga and Pilates Center in 2010.  The studio was voted #1 in the Valley in 2011 for Pilates and #2 in Yoga as well.  She relocated to the Carolinas in 2012, where she is now teaching in the Corporate field, hospitals, community centers, and most recently, as of December 5th 2016, she is now teaching at the Baxter Village Health Center- Lotus Pilates and Bodyworks in Fort Mill SC.

Gayle attended her first yoga class at her local gym in 2000, and has been a dedicated yogi since. She received her first teacher training from Ruth Anne Lundeburg and Josh Schumer at Mama Nirvana’s New Yoga (March 2004).

She also completed a training in adaptive yoga for people with life threatening illnesses, with the renowned Nischala Joy Devi at the Sivananda Yoga Ashram in Paradise Island, Bahamas (March 2006). Nischala’s teaching encouraged her how to bring out the compassionate side in her teachings (Yoga of the Heart). She completed an advanced teacher training with Eric Schiffman in Venice CA (August 2007). “Moving into Stillness”, which teaches ‘breath with movement’, as well as recognizing the stillness within the body as we get deeper into our practice. Eric taught her to bring out the creative side in her teaching which has made a huge difference in her latest approach to teaching.

Gayle attends workshops on a regular basis and has studied with Leslie Kaminoff “The Breathing Project” and Kathryn Budig in Asheville NC.

She is a Pilates instructor (Mat 1 and Mat 2)  (Pilates Institute of America, Andover MA, February, 2005).

  She teaches strong classes, that focus on finding a playful way to practice. Her teaching style is encouraging, creative, and fun. Her pilates and yoga classes involve precise movements that protect the body, so the movements are very controlled, much like physical therapy.  Breath is a very important element in her teaching-“It is what brings us deeper into our own bodies”.  You will notice the change in your body that will become a new and improved way of life; on and off of the mat.

She has also developed a “Total Body Workout” that has become very popular in Charlotte and the surrounding areas.  Weights, rubber straps, weighted balls and bolsters are used.  “If you are looking to get into shape under careful guidance, I encourage you to try this class”.

Over the years, Gayle has enjoyed a variety of yoga styles, mainly Iyengar (hatha) but also added Vinyasa, Jivamukti, and Viniyoga. She has carefully woven them all into a style of her own.

Gayle believes that anyone, regardless of their mental, physical or spiritual state can benefit from yoga on and off the mat. She is looking forward to teaching her restorative and senior classes in her new space, as well as encouraging young adults to reap the benefits of yoga and Pilates.

“It is clear that her classes brings balance, strength and flexibility to all parts of one’s life. Enjoy!”