Cardiac/Cancer Restorative Yoga

Recent medical research has shown that stress is a major factor in causing heart disease, cancer, and other acute diseases. Yoga helps to reverse many heart ailments. Yoga helps calm the mind, body, and central nervous system. It helps soothe the nerves, calms the brain and reduces the apprehension of pain which is, in many cases as damaging as the pain itself.

We will be offering workshops (pre-registration required) that will help in a therapeutic practice, to recover from illness, and post-operative procedures, with a doctor’s approval.

Gayle is trained and certified to teach adaptive yoga to people with life threatening illnesses. She is proud to have studied with the renowned Nischala Joy Devi (The Healing Path of Yoga. The Secret Power of Yoga.) “Yoga has been scientifically proven to alleviate stress, which is the leading cause of disease and mental stability.” The workshops will include adaptive yoga (movement with breath), relaxation, meditation, imagery to help heal through thought. Chairs, blankets and pillows are used. There will be a support session, and talks about nutritional benefits, as well as lifestyle changes. These workshops will give people the time to be with others struggling, and time to be away from the stresses of their daily recovery. Yoga will help in feeling more positive in the journey towards wellness.

The workshops will be 6 week sessions. Pre-registration is required.

Yoga of the Heart