Pilates Classes

Gayle has signature pilates exercises that you will not find in any other studio or DVD. Strengthening of the “core” muscles; shoulders, arms, abdominals, hips, back, buttocks, thighs and hamstrings. We use light weights, rings, straps, and weighted balls in our classes to add a total body workout.

What distinguishes Pilates from other exercises are six fundamental priciples and the use of the powerhouse. The six principles of Pilates are: control, center, concentration, precision, flow and breath, moving with control from your center with concentration, and precision while using proper breathing to create a natural flow from one exercise to the next is Pilates in action.

All movement in each exercise is initiated from and connected to the powerhouse. The power house involves the “box”. The box is the shoulders, chest, abdominals, hips, buttocks, and thighs. All of these groups are activated while moving with breath and coordination; although in my classes, I do incorporate activation in upper body and legs in some of the exercises.

In Joseph Pilates’ own words: “In ten lessons you’ll feel a difference, in twenty you’ll see a difference, and in thirty you’ll have a whole new body.” Pilates works in this methodical manner, offering new challenges with healing and practice. In addition to developing strength and flexibility, Pilates improves posture. Good posture is paramount to men on many levels. I encourage men to try it, as it was originally created for men.

The mat classes lead the practitioners through a series of mat exercises, and each person works within his or her own ability. In private or shared classes you get individual attention to your needs and ability. In the private sessions Gayle will address your specific needs and injuries. Private classes are encourage if a person is uncomfortable about trying a class or nervous about an injury. The classes are fun and light hearted. We do work hard, but always work as a group.

A student never will feel intimidated in our classes.  I always make sure that people are safe and there is one on one attention unlike the typical gym setting.