**To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing this letter of recommendation for Gayle
Stefanelli. Gayle was the owner of “Stretch Yoga” in Granby, MA.
I have taken yoga and pilates with Gayle for the past three years.
I also took private lessons with Gayle after orthopedic surgery
made movement and balance difficult. I feel strongly that Gayle’s
instruction helped me to recover more quickly.
Gayle is a warm, talented, calm and competent instructor.
She went out of her way to make participants feel welcome and
comfortable, no matter their skill level or ability. She has a
knack for quietly customizing her instruction to make it work for
each client. Her warmth and manner made us all feel successful
as we tried to reach our personal goals.
In addition, I have always admired Gayle for her success
as a small business owner in a tough regional economy. Her
talents created a business where young and old clients traveled
considerable distances to be part of her practice. I viewed this
as an additional indicator of her success as a yoga and pilates
lifestyle instructor.
Gayle would be a welcome addition to any fitness/healthy
lifestyle program. She is a lifestyle model without being preachy
or didactic. She is a talented instructor who easily connects with
people of all ages. I highly recommend her and would be happy to
provide any additional information.
Geraldine M. Moriarty
413 335 5770
*You are a remarkable teacher: You are the perfect mix of patience,
enthusiasm, and gentle encouragement on the one hand, and hard-driving
drill-master on the other hand! I love how you make us work harder than
we think possible. At the same time, you are understanding of your
students’ limitations and concerns, and never, ever push a student who
shouldn’t be pushed. Even more remarkable, you always seem to know
exactly when to insert just the right cue — often just a few
perfectly-chosen words — to help us remember exactly what we are
supposed to do. And, I swear you have eyes in the back of your head for
when we need some gentle coaching to perform the move correctly. In
short, you are amazing!!

My first class in your studio was in summer, 2008, when someone
substituted for you. The sub said you couldn’t teach the class because
you were attending your daughter’s graduation. Despite the lonnnnnnnng
time between my first class that summer and my second class in January,
2009 (!!), you allowed me to finish my card. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the
last three years and am grateful to you for your expert instruction and
your many kindnesses, not to mention my very much-improved core muscles. 😉

I will miss you, and will miss Gayle-ates, very much…but I wish you a
beautiful new life with your wonderful man in NC. Yes, indeed, go for it
with all you’ve got!
Karen H

*”Gayle’s yoga and pilates classes have been a perfect combination of exercises for me to get and stay strong and flexible. Her instructions and attention to proper form enable her students to get the most out of the poses/exercises and avoid injury. Her classes are also fun, friendly, and supportive of everyone, regardless of experience level. Gayle truly enjoys helping others attain their fitness goals. Taking classes at Stretch Yoga Center has inspired me to stick with a regular exercise regimen despite my busy schedule. I am so glad that I found this studio and look forward to many years of practicing with Gayle and the other students.”

-Lori J.

*”I have been studying yoga with Gayle for about 5 years; lately I have been taking pilates classes as well. I am middle aged, middle sized, and middling fit. I also have been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis (asymtomatic at present, Goddess bless). I am not a skilled practitioner. But I am stronger, more fit, more relaxed, and above all, more comfortable in my own body, just the way it is, than I ever was before studying with Gayle. If you leaf through the yoga journal, it is easy to assume that only slim youngsters in organic bodywear can practice yoga. Not so. Gayle meets each of us where we are, and helps each of us to connect body, mind and breath. You will feel better every time you practice.” —Ellen Agard

*”I started taking yoga with Gayle 4 years ago after finishing treatment for breast cancer. My goal was to learn yoga as a way of physically and mentally healing from the experience. Gayle is a wonderful teacher- down to earth, attentive to the different needs of her students and non-intimidating to beginners. Her style emphasizes breathing, flexibility and strength. Gayle is also wonderful in helping her students be mindful of form in our postures. This yoga helps foster a healthy mind/body connection.”—M.F., South Hadley

*” I am thankful to have met you because I get so much from what you give. Having a healthy, strong body allows me to be happy no matter what else is going on in my life. Your classes are a sanctuary when all else is chaotic. Thanks for that.”—Alexandra Dewey

*”Gayle has energized my yoga practice with her spirit, knowledge, warmth and humor. I have been studying with Gayle for almost a full year. I always know when I come to class I will be challenged both physically and mentally. Each class she reminds me gently that this is my practice! I love that.”

*”Gayle Stefanelli has the unique ability to make students feel comfortable immediately so that they can shine! Her genuine warmth, caring, knowledge and expertise create an atmosphere that makes learning easy. She is creative, compassionate, kind, and a superb listener. Her incredible yoga practice makes her a source of inspiration! “—Jessica Berger, RN, CPFT, RYT

*You have been an inspiration to me in the way you practice yoga; with fun, joy, great respect for your students, and compassion. – Namaste’, Lisa St Sauver

*”Gayle is an incredibly gifted yoga and pilates instructor. She is caring, intuitive, flexible, knowledgeable, challenging and fun. She enjoys getting to know her students and takes their needs and concerns into consideration when conducting her classes. I have been studying yoga with Gayle for many years and find her spirit and teaching style to be second to none. She is inspiring, unique and a blessing to her students!”  May 25, 2011   Sandra Blaney

Dear Gayle,
*Just wanted you to know that when you are gone, you and your classes
will leave such a void in our area.  Your knowledge of yoga, pilates
and the anatomy of the body is very impressive.  Being in your class
for seniors was especially beneficial for me. I hope you continue to
share your knowledge of yoga and also your knowledge of the health
benefits for all who participate in the classes.
I wish you much love,joy, happiness and success in your new adventure.
You will be missed.

*I have had the pleasure to take yoga and pilates classes with Gayle Stefanelli. I have been with Gayle at Stretch Yoga Center in Granby MA for 2 years now. Gayle is an excellent teacher and is very dedicated.
When I started with Gayle, I had severe lower back issues. Gayle worked with me and helped me to regain control of my life. She has helped me to stay in tune with my own body and do the yoga/pilates exercises in the best way for my practice. Gayle truly cares about her students and works their needs into her classes.
Yoga and pilates are a way of life for me now. I will truly miss Gayle as embarks on her new adventure.
I can only hope to find an instructor as qualified and caring as Gayle.
Lorraine McGough