Yoga Classes

Yoga Breathing exerciseBeginner – Recommended to students who are new to yoga, stiff, or individuals with mild, manageable injuries. Anyone can benefit from these classes, as it gives regular practitioners the time to explore in their own practice. Breathing exercises are taught and deep relaxation is at the end of sessions.

Beginner/Advanced Beginner – For individuals new to yoga, or those that have a practice, but are still learning, and want to get deeper into the poses. Highly recommended for anyone!

-This class is for individuals who have a practice, or that are very athletic or strong. We stay in the poses for a longer period of time- with breath and exploration. Movement in and out of poses is also practiced.

Mastering the Basics– Integration of all the elements of yoga practice, which will in turn tune you into your own body, mind and breath – “the union of yoga”. This class will appeal to beginners and experienced practioners.

Senior/Gentle– Geared to help the elderly enjoy yoga at a slower pace, but great for anyone that wants a slower more relaxed practice. It is recommended for people with injuries, recovering from an illness, or those that aren’t familiar with yoga. It is a gentle approach with breathing, stretching, and relaxation- a wonderful group of people- I love this class!

Pilates/Yoga combo– There is more Pilates in this class with some gentle yoga stretches that are similar to the pilates exercise that was done before. One needs to be familiar with Pilates.

Vinyasa- This class is a flow class that requires strength.  We flow into asanas with breath and fluidity.  Knowledge of poses is recommended.  It is invigorating, strong and very energizing.  My flow classes are signature and will not be found in any other studio.

Restorative- Gentle stretching with props and slow progression into each asana.   We stay in the poses for a longer period of time, which allows more time for the body to surrender and meditate, while focusing in on the muscles involved.

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